Welcome to Haltom Hollar Ranch home of the Rocking Double H brand of registered Texas Longhorns.  The ranch is nestled in the hills of the Daniel Boone National Forest located just outside of London, Kentucky.

“The Finest Bloodlines of Registered Texas Longhorns” in our logo means a lot to us.  We’ve purchased some of the best Texas Longhorn genetics available which you’ll see as you go through the pedigrees. We’ve also incorporated some twist genetics.

As each new generation of calves are born they’ll have a minimum of four 90+” animals in their pedigrees, many will have twist genetics and all of them should be a well rounded, beautiful looking animal. The Bubba Tuff Chex heifers are the beginning of this breeding program.

Our new partnership bull is Star Tex.  His sire is WS Jamakizm and his dam is the 92+” tip-to-tip Texana Garland’s Gal who was purchased by our partners for $97,000.  He’ll be stacking even more 90+” genetics in the herd.

We’ve also purchased semen on CV Casanovas Magnum who is expected to be the 2nd 90″ tip-to-tip bull in history and Saddlehorn who adds his own unique traits. Dr. Stan Carnes owner of MultiGen Reproductive Solutions in Kentucky will be doing all our reproductive procedures.

Our location is a longhorn paradise.  They have all the lush Kentucky grass they can eat, cool woods to relax in, spring fed ponds, and of course lemon cookies. In the winter we leave heat lamps on in the barns 24/7 so they don’t get too cold. We have happy cows.

Texas Longhorns are a novelty in Kentucky. When people come to visit they are astonished that our house is fenced in and the longhorns have the run of the place. When school field trips, the 4-H Club or Sunday School groups come to see them we get a truck load of day old bread so everybody can hand feed them and giggle their heads off. A Church Camp Petting Zoo have two we raised to give people the same unique experience of interacting with friendly Texas Longhorns.

For people trying to eat healthy we have provided a nutritional value chart produced by and based on research by Texas A&M University below.  If you have heart or blood pressure issues it’s actually the healthiest domestic meat you can eat. For all you entrepreneurs at local farmer’s markets, Bed and Breakfasts, you name it…serving or selling Texas Longhorn beef can be a profitable business. You can’t beat the taste of a longhorn hamburger.

Longhorn Beef Table
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James and Lynette Haltom


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